‘Crossing smiles’: photographic exhibition of Palestinian children at Expo 2020 Dubai is a message of love and peace


DUBAI, – Palestinian children’s dreams and hopes for the future are on display in a photography exhibition at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Morocco Pavilion.
Titled ‘Crossing Smiles’, the show features images of the children during a visit to Morocco, documenting the places visited and the moments that put joy on their faces.
One photograph, called ‘Holy Smile’, depicts a young Palestinian girl in the Mazagan gardens in El Jadida. Another, ‘A Smile by the Sea’, shows children from Jerusalem, their happy faces covered by sand as they play on Asghar Beach in Tangier.
The pictures represent a message of support from Morocco to Palestinian children. It is hoped the smiles of the children, captured on canvass, will remain on their faces, an inspiring message of love and peace.
The exhibition runs until 3 December, and is open from 0900 to 2200 GST.


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