Discover how nations are tackling climate change on Expo’s ‘People for Planet’ journe


DUBAI, – Embark on a global adventure to take better care of the world as Expo 2020 Dubai’s specially curated ‘People for Planet’ whisks visitors on a fascinating journey of discovery from Seychelles to Singapore, Slovenia and many other locations in between.

Aiming to empower millions of Expo 2020 visitors to take action, the People for Planet journey will encourage a rethink of the relationship between natural and man-made, raw materials and waste, and production and consumption, in exciting and promising ways. From zero-energy spaces to self-sustaining ecosystems and motion sensor systems, the journey demonstrates how we can battle climate change and biodiversity loss, and improve our connection with nature and sustainable technology.

The self-guided tour, designed to change behaviors to mitigate our impact on our world, embodies Expo 2020’s Programme for People and Planet, a fascinating schedule of events and experiences, running throughout the six months of Expo. The Programme brings to life some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities that not only affect today’s decision-makers, but all 7.8 billion people living on this planet.

The ‘People for Planet’ journey, available on the Expo 2020 app, will introduce visitors to the different ways countries and organizations are responding to the key issues we face as a global community.

At the Slovenia Pavilion, visitors learn how to become part of the solution in the areas of equitable development, nature conservation and technological advances.

The net-zero energy, rainforest-inspired Singapore Pavilion explores our journey towards liveability and resilience in a pavilion whose self-sustaining ecosystem encourages people to foster stronger relationships between nature and the built environment.

The New Zealand Pavilion empowers visitors to experience a true reflection of the Maori value of ‘kaitiakitanga’ (guardianship of the land) as they explore the oneness of people and the environment.

At Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion, the future of Earth hangs in the balance and there’s no Planet B. Become an agent of change as you wander beneath a forest and dive into the ocean, discovering innovative global projects that provide real-life solutions to help preserve our planet for future generations.

The Mozambique Pavilion focuses on the nation’s promise to preserve its natural wonders for generations to come, offering visitors a time-spanning tour of its future, present, and past. Visitors will be able to write a pledge to the environment as a final promise to respect nature for future generations.

A captivating journey through the Maldives Pavilion highlights the Maldives’ unique natural environment and its people who are intrinsically linked with the sea, the pavilion promotes climate change awareness and sustainable practices to achieve a sustainable future.

Taking visitors on a treasure hunt, the Seychelles Pavilion focuses on the steps being taken to safeguard the natural beauty and history of the nation’s islands and the opportunities to take part in their preservation. Find clues to a hidden treasure and discover art made from recycled materials, shedding light on the increasing problem of plastic pollution.

Blend creative environmental ideas with real-life results at Campus Germany at the Germany Pavilion, exploring themed areas including The Energy Lab, The Future City Lab and The Biodiversity Lab.

At the Tonga Pavilion, visitors will experience an unforgettable encounter with the environment that will turn them into advocates for Earth as they wander through a magical forest with motion-sensor flowers that bloom when people move.

A spectacular way to end the journey, Expo 2020’s Nature Showcase takes place every evening at Al Wasl Plaza. Behold the rhythms of Earth and the pulsating force that emanates through all life, from a drop of water to the beating of a butterfly’s wing, in a stirring performance that encourages us all to find our balance in the natural world.


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