Eaton Business Schoolhas become a very popular online higher educational institution among learners in the Middle East, Asia and Africa – who are enormously benefitting from the institution’s rich academic programme

Eaton Business School, a premium online educational institutionaffiliated to a number of British and European universitiesand accredited byItaly-based Guglielmo Marconi University (GMU), will confer upon Master of Business Administration (MBA) to a new batch of 120 learners from the Middle East, Asia and Africa region on Monday, March 29, 2022, in the presence of the dignitaries and officials of GMU.

Most learners – who are successful in their professional career – belong to countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa take up the MBA curriculum to not only upgrade their knowledge, upskill themselves, but also get new direction in their career and livesthrough networking with other industry professionals around the world. This way, Eaton Business Schoolattracts a lot of foreign students and therefore strengthens the UAE’s position as a leading global learning hub – where new ideas and innovations would flourish.

Eaton Business School has come a long way in the last five years to create a global quality online educational eco-system that is changing the lives of successful career professionals including C-Level business leaders and we are really proud of this achievement,” said Mashrook Ali, Director of Eaton Business School.

“As a higher educational institution, we follow the most stringent and the best international practice that ensures high-quality education and degree that is recognised worldwide. The assignment-based evaluation that are examined by a set of internal and external academic experts, reflects academic integrity.

“As a result, the enrollment into our academic programmes has been multiplying simply due to the word of mouth – and without any marketing or advertising campaign. The decision to join Eaton Business School by learners in different countries is largely influenced by those who have already experienced a change in their career and life after completing their studies and obtaining the degree.

“The hard work put together by our team members over the last five years is now paying rich dividends – in the form of increased international student enrollment. This way, we have created a global educational asset and is helping reinforce the UAE’s position as an important education hub.”

The e-learning market in GCC countries will growat 11 percentto US$569.04 million in 2025, according to Technavio, a global consultancy. More than 65 percent of the MiddleEast’s private educational institutes will adopt more online education/e-learning services.

Working professionals from varied business areas including supply chain, business analytics, finance, healthcare, project management and human resources are the major target group. The courses are applicable to anyone who want to progress in their careers, upscale themselves, grow in their companies, and can also be used for immigration purposes. The programme is also applicable to people who want to network with other professionals across the world.

The global online education market will reach US$585.48 billion by 2027, from US$269.87 billion in 2021, according to Research and Markets, an international market intelligence provider.

Rise in the economy of the MiddleEast region due to huge investments in the expansion of corporate sectors will make easy to spread the culture of each corporate organization through e-learning programmes and training. Promotion of digitisation of learning and training by providing electronic gadgets to the people by the government authorities is taking the MiddleEast region a step ahead in the sector of online education/e-learning.

Due to emerging multiple sectors across the MiddleEast region indicates a huge market for suppliers and open the doors for new players to jump into the market of MiddleEast online education/e-learning sector. Additionally, massive support from the government authorities in the education sector, rapid pace in modern infrastructure and adoption of high-end technology is expected to expand the online education/e-learning market in the MiddleEast region, the research says.

E-learning in the UAE is growing at a CAGR of 10.3 percent. The UAE online education and e-learning market is expected to experience high growth on the back of increasing government investment to digitize the education sector and heavy adoption and positive student attitude towards e-learning.Eaton Business School is playing a great role in attracting international students to the UAE while strengthening the country’s educational tourism portfolio which will continue to enjoy strong growth in the coming years.


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