Find out how to become a ‘Waste Warrior’ on a green journey at Expo 2020


DUBAI,– Expo 2020 Dubai visitors can embark on a curated sustainability-based journey to discover how countries around the world are emerging as ‘Waste Warriors’ through a range of dynamic initiatives.

From vertical farming to biodegradable alternatives, and sipping coffee from edible cups to converting food waste into gourmet food, Expo 2020 participants are leading the way to a more sustainable planet – highlighting the increasingly urgent need to build a world based on reusability and circular consumption and production.

A number of countries’ pavilions across the Expo site are highlighting their pioneering efforts to battle overconsumption, overproduction and sustainable management of resources, highlighted in a self-guided tour, available on the Expo 2020 app.

The Austria Pavilion features a start-up that collects food waste and repurposes it into gourmet food and other edibles, underlining the need for reusability

Visitors to the Bulgaria Pavilion can sample coffee from edible cups, and also see the innovation of biodegradable laminating foil

Finland is making waves with its vertical farming system and zero waste agricultural technologies, based on the principles of circular economy, which will be showcased at the Nordic nation’s pavilion

The Bangladesh Pavilion is demonstrating how its ban on single-use plastics paved the ways for seeking newer biodegradable alternatives in different fields

The Comoros Pavilion is highlighting its journey into a sustainable future through effective recycling of plastics and other waste materials

Visitors to the Hungary Pavilion will be able to view the country’s unique urban ecosystem services that close the water, energy, food and waste circuits through a network of decentralized urban metabolism centers.

The Switzerland Pavilion will showcase its innovative approach to waste management to enable zero-waste societies.

Running from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 and coinciding with the UAE’s Golden Jubilee, Expo 2020 will bring the world together under the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. More than 200 participants and millions of visitors from across the globe are invited to join the making of a new world, learning how we can ensure a future that is fair and inclusive for all, leaving leave a lasting legacy of positive change.


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