Interview with Zoran Veselic, President, and Chief Technology Officer, Christie Digital


DUBAI, – Quotes from Zoran Veselic, speaking to the Expo News Service at the Expo Media Centre, located next to Al Wasl Plaza, Expo 2020 Dubai

Following the audio-visual mastery on display at the Expo 2020 Dubai Opening Ceremony at Al Wasl Plaza, Christie Digital, the Official Projection and Display Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, speaks on the Christie Digital technologies used across the Expo site – and how the group is uniquely positioned to supply projects of this scale, namely at the Al Wasl dome, home to the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface.

For those unfamiliar with Christie Digital at Expo 2020 Dubai, can you outline your presence at the World Expo?

“Christie has numerous installations across Expo 2020. We’re present in the Opportunity Pavilion, in different countries like Austria and Canada, our home country, and also at the Expo Operations Centre. But our crowning achievement is the Al Wasl dome and 252 three-chip DLP [digital light processing] projectors, shining one million lumens on the dome seamlessly – and with full alignment and in full colour. So, we are very proud of our achievement here.”

What sets Christie apart in terms of its ability to successfully provide for projects of this scale?

“Christie is a unique company, in terms of offering a variety of projection displays and image-processing solutions. We’re not just selling projectors. We integrate them into complex visual experiences, and what you see here with Expo 2020 is the full integration of technology. That’s what sets us apart from other companies that only sell projectors. We also have application software that makes it easier for us to blend and align 252 projectors on a very challenging surface like the Al Wasl dome.”

Zoran Veselic - COO at Christie Digital Systems | The Org

A core purpose of Expo 2020 Dubai is fostering collaboration – bringing the world together after an extremely challenging 18 months. How important is collaboration when supplying projects of this scale?

“Nobody can do it on their own. It’s a team effort and collaboration between different parties, and this creates another level of complexity. But that’s actually necessary to pull off a project like this. We work very closely with architects, project managers, technologists and projectionists – many different people in order to put the event together and create an experience like that. On top of the complexities of technology, surface, size and the sheer scale of the Al Wasl dome – it’s just absolutely beautiful – you have integration and coordination between team members in order to make it a reality.”

Are the technologies used at Al Wasl created specifically for this huge project?

“This technology used at Al Wasl is the latest laser technology we’ve developed. We’re continuously innovating and pushing projection technology forward. The complexities of the integration of this number of units are not very common. So we needed to develop specific application software and some additional technologies in order to integrate all of these projectors on a single screen, in a single image. We definitely see the Al Wasl dome as the living, beating heart of Expo 2020, and we’re very grateful we could create this exceptional experience for visitors to the event.”


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