Minister of Mines and Energy for Namibia, Hon Tom Alweendo: Fossil fuels are no longer the future


DUBAI, – With a 70 per cent minimum target share of energy to be supplied from renewables, and 80 per cent of primary energy use to be generated locally by 2030, the Honourable Tom Alweendo, Minister of Mines and Energy, Namibia revealed that his nation’s goals cannot be achieved by the government alone.
The Minister was speaking at a Namibia Renewable Energy Business Summit hosted by the Namibia Pavilion and held at Business Connect Centre, Expo 2020 Dubai on Saturday.
Hon Tom Alweendo, Minister of Mines and Energy, Namibia, said: “We understand and accept that fossil fuels are no longer the future.”
“Given the size of the available renewable energy resources in the country [Namibia], it is our intention to explore the idea of seeking other potential investors to cooperate with us. As to the global market for green hydrogen, there is now a global consensus: that green hydrogen is the fuel for the future.”
Boasting the world’s second highest solar irradiation, Namibia also has high wind power potential, especially in coastal areas, making it ideally placed to meet its goal of becoming a green hydrogen hub on the African continent.
John Titus, Namibia’s Director at Ministry of Mines and Energy, gave an overview of the renewable regulatory framework in the country, adding: “We want to make renewable energy a vehicle of income-generating opportunities and poverty alleviation through increased access to affordable energy services.”
The summit shed further light on Namibia potential for investment. In addition to its strategic location, the nation has enjoyed political stability since 1990, and is an important logistical centre for the movement of goods to regional and international markets. The Namibian government also provides incentives to those investing in the country’s manufacturing sector.


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