More than Lego: Denmark Pavilion showcases leadership in clean technology and sustainable solutions


[10:14 pm, 06/10/2021] Om Uae: DUBAI, – Visitors to the futuristic Alif – the Mobility Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai are to be dwarfed by nine-metre-tall, photo-realistic figures from the Golden Age of Arab civilisation, including ancient navigator Ahmad Ibn Majid and celebrated explorer Ibn Battuta.

Ahmad Ibn Majid, a great Muslim navigator, born in the 15th century in Julfar (present-day Ras Al Khaimah), and nicknamed ‘The Lion of the Sea’, wrote many works of literature on marine science and the movement of ships in his lifetime – when Arab sailors were considered among the best in the world.

Ibn Battuta was a great medieval Muslim Morrocan traveller from the 14th century, who wrote a book about his adventures,…
[10:14 pm, 06/10/2021] Om Uae: –
[10:15 pm, 06/10/2021] Om Uae: More than Lego: Denmark Pavilion showcases leadership in clean technology and sustainable solutions

DUBAI, – Denmark’s commitment to building a sustainable future and sharing its expertise with the rest of the world was on display on Tuesday as Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, Danish Ambassador to the UAE and Qatar, inaugurated his country’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The pavilion’s inauguration marked the start of ‘Danish Sustainability Days’ – a four-day programme of curated events aimed at showcasing Danish products and solutions to relevant customers and decision-makers from the UAE, the MENA region, and beyond.

Ambassador Skjold Mellbin said: “Denmark has the most ambitious climate policies, and the highest degree of green energy exports in the world, compared to the size of our economy. This matters a lot. ‘Sustainability Days’ is an attempt to bring together people from the UAE and the region with Danish companies to showcase our solutions in potential new areas, such as hydrogen, power-to-X and other energy-efficient solutions.”

Ambassador Skjold Mellbin, who is also Commissioner General of the Denmark Pavilion, stressed the importance of holding Expo 2020 at this time. “COVID-19 is still among us, and we need to be mindful of that, but Expo is the first global business meeting since the start of the pandemic, and I think that sends an important signal to the rest of the world that we have to find ways to move on.

“Post-COVID, Danish businesses had to re-evaluate their focus, and what we saw was a very rapid rise in interest in the MENA region generally, but also the UAE specifically. So we’re expanding our economic cooperation here, and putting more people in our General Consulate in Dubai to support Danish companies as they move towards the UAE and the region.”

Located in the Mobility District, the Denmark Pavilion showcases ‘hygge’, the Danish way of living, and explains Denmark’s ambitious carbon-reduction goals in greater detail.

Ambassador Skjold Mellbin continued: “Visitors will meet Denmark and see what we can offer in design. We’ll have bio-tech; we’ll have digital exhibitions; we’ll have a green sustainability theme. We’ve tried to run different themes, so visitors are able to have a new experience from one week to the next. And of course, we’ll have Lego for the playful minds that are out there.”


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