PepsiCo fosters sustainability through The Drop Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai


Dubai, – PepsiCo has offered a glimpse of the interactive experiences at its three pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai, as part of its efforts to promote the concept of sustainability and drive positive change at the first World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region.

PepsiCo, Expo 2020’s Official Beverage and Snack Partner, has revealed the content of its The Drop Pavilion, located in the Sustainability District and designed to resemble a giant droplet of water made up of 41,000 recycled cans, to carry the company’s key message about sustainability’s critical role in preserving the planet.

The pavilion conveys messages that seek to educate visitors about the importance of using sustainable technologies for food production and agriculture, while inspiring farmers to make personal efforts to conserve water.

Mona Elsaka, Corporate & Government Affairs/Communications Director, PepsiCo, said: “The Drop Pavilion’s design itself is a message on the importance of sustainability. Through this pavilion, we seek to raise awareness of what we can do in this regard.”

The Drop also enables visitors to immerse themselves in the Aquafina experience. They can see PepsiCo’s efforts to help farmers around the world, introducing them to sustainable water-management practices, smart water consumption in manufacturing, and innovative efforts to reduce, recycle and re-invent packaging.

As part of an exciting educational journey, the pavilion presents information and statistics on the sustainability and water conservation efforts undertaken by PepsiCo across numerous countries – including the drive to introduce farmers to sustainable irrigation practices in countries such as Egypt and Pakistan through smart programmes tailored to the needs of each country.

Elsaka said: “PepsiCo is committed to ensuring that 100 million people have access to water by 2030, with a focus on sanitation and hygiene.”

PepsiCo is committed to collecting and recycling PepsiCo waste generated at the Expo 2020 site during the six-month mega-event, with the aim of accelerating efforts to reduce, recycle and reinvent better and more sustainable packaging.

Aquafina has set up four water stations across the Sustainability District, allowing visitors to refill their water bottles.

PepsiCo will work closely with Dulsco, Expo 2020’s Official Waste Management Partner, on-site to ensure the collection and recycling of waste from PepsiCo products, supporting Expo’s target of diverting a minimum of 85 per cent of waste from landfill.


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