Q&A: Lionel Messi visits Expo 2020 Dubai


DUBAI, – Lionel Messi, Expo 2020 Dubai Ambassador and football superstar, visited Expo on Monday, 13 December,and toured a number of key attractions around the site, including the Argentina Pavilion, the UAE Pavilion, the Surreal water feature and Al Wasl Plaza.

What did you think of what you saw during your visit to Expo 2020 today? How much has it changed since your last visit in February 2020?
The visit was impressive. I had come in 2020, where there were still not many things, and to come back at this time and find all that I experienced … I was surprised and very nice, very much so. When I came [in 2020], there was practically nothing, and in a year and a bit they turned it into something extraordinary.
What was your personal highlight today?
Everything in general – each pavilion has its own thing, its own place, it shows you its culture, its country, it makes you see and learn from each one of them. And I think the place is very big and very impressive.
How is your new life playing for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)? Have you and your family already adapted to the city?
It was a big change for us because we had been living in the same place [while playing for Barcelona] for many years and it was not easy to change, but the truth is that we are very well in a spectacular city, in one of the best teams in the world, so we are very happy.
Is PSG’s main objective to win the UEFA Champions League? And can you achieve that objective?
The objective is trying to achieve everything that we played for – obviously the objective of next year being the Champions League, which we are trying to achieve, and were very close. I think that it is the objective for everyone in a special competition where all the big teams want to win it and we will try to achieve it as well.
You captained Argentina to win the Copa America in the summer – do you see your country as one of the favourites to win the FIFA World Cup next year?
Well, I don’t know about favourites, but I think we’re in a good place after winning the Copa America. I think that helps a lot to keep growing, to keep being stronger and to arrive in the best way to the World Cup to compete and try to fight for the dream of everything.
Sustainability, recycling and renewable energy are all important facets of Expo 2020, which aims to help create a better future. How can sport communicate such a message to the world?
If we are aware that through football we can be an example to others, not only in this, but in many things, and we always try to give it and do our best to try to make people aware that everything is possible and we can continu


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