Refining your shots: photography enthusiasts guided by professionals at Canon workshop at Expo 2020


DUBAI, – Those interested in snapping some good pictures, whether for social media or professionally, were guided on how to make the most of their shots, at a Wildlife Photography Workshop hosted by Canon, the official printing and imaging provider at Expo 2020 Dubai, at the Dubai Cares Pavilion on Sunday.
Professional photographer, Charles Verghese told photography enthusiasts how social media users’ desire to reach more followers with their photos, requires that their personal pages display a variety of images in high resolution.
Varghese said: “This workshop [aimed] to refine the talents of those interested in the world of photography, especially in pet and wildlife photography, which requires a high level of professionalism and experience to create a collection of albums or a collection of high-resolution images.”
Varghese explained there has been renewed interest in photography, particularly because social media profiles can generate an income for their owner. “Today, everyone is interested in photography because of two main factors: social media, which gives an image a great deal of importance, such as on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other platforms; and the proliferation of smartphones that have enabled anyone with a [mobile device] to take pictures.”
He stressed that wildlife photography required accuracy, calm and choosing the right time to take a picture, and that all equipment should be prepared and are precautions taken, as this kind of photography can sometimes be dangerous.
Regarding the future of cameras, especially in light of the developmental leaps made in smartphones, Verghese said professional devices remain indispensable to photographers, especially in journalism and filmmaking, as these cameras have special features smartphones do not.


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