Revisit Morocco’s historic 1975 Green March with movies, music and cuisine


DUBAI, – The Morocco Pavilion has lined up a slew of events to bring the country’s history and culture alive this Saturday, the highlight of which is the documentary Al Massira (The Green March), which recounts the historic march into the Spanish-ruled Western Sahara 46 years ago.
The line-up on Saturday, 6 November begins with a peep into Moroccan crafts at 1600 GST, followed by ‘Dance in the Rhythm of Folk Music’ with Tarab Hassani from the city of Dakhla at 1700 GST. The spotlight then shifts to the lighting of the pavilion, dominated by the colours of the Moroccan flag, at 1730 GST.
Visitors can also sample complimentary Moroccan food during a live cooking show at 2000 GST, and visit the permanent exhibition in 14 immersive rooms at 2100 GST. There is also a Moroccan gastronomic restaurant to enjoy on the seventh floor.
The documentary begins screening at 1800 GST, with a chance to meet the filmmaker, Youssef Britel. The film revisits the Green March through the eyes of different characters, and recounts the story of over 350,000 unarmed Moroccan men and women who participated in the peaceful demonstration, pressuring Spain’s military to withdraw from the Sahara territory. Many Moroccans under the age of 40 grew up hearing stories about the Green March from their parents, while the government marks the occasion annually.


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