Triple treat at Expo 2020 as top Filipino performers take to DEC Arena stage for sold-out show


DUBAI, – Top performers from the Philippines took to the stage on Sunday (6 March) at Expo 2020 Dubai for an evening of everything from pop-punk to soul music and stand-up comedy in a sold-out, one-night show that delighted the crowd at the DEC Arena.

Five-member band Kamikazee brought the house down with their all-time favourite hits, which had the audience dancing, during their first performance in Dubai since 2018.

At a backstage press conference before the show, Kamikazee vocalist Jay Contreras said: “We are so very happy. Our fellow Filipinos here in Dubai are really making it known to us how much they missed us.”

Comedian Pokwang, real name Marietta Subong O’Brian, had the audience laughing with her antics on her fourth appearance in Dubai, the last being in 2013. At the same media briefing, Pokwang said: “I am very, very happy to be invited to this big event.”

Pokwang, who used to work in Abu Dhabi as an overseas contract worker before she became a star, added: “It makes me feel proud because, of course, I am the face of overseas Filipino workers. I know how Filipinos work hard abroad and we are all super-talented. Who knew that I’m going to be what I am today? So to my fellow Filipinos, dream. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. But go for it, too.”

The multi-award-winning Jona, known as the “Soul Princess of the Philippines”, set a cosier tone with her melodies as she crooned love songs in her signature style. Jona, as she is more fondly called, said she is on top of the world performing at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Jona said of her performance: “As a Filipino artist, it’s an honour for me to be a small part of this very big event. I’m so overwhelmed with joy having to perform in Dubai – and, more so, here at the Expo 2020.”


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