Watch: Dubai Police arrest jewellery heist suspects moments before flight takes off

Suspects try to dodge authorities using eyeglasses and wigs


A thorough investigation and smart sleuthing have helped the Dubai Police arrest two suspects of a jewellery store heist. The suspects of European origin were arrested from their flight moments before it took off.

The police effected the arrests within 12 hours of receiving a report from the store management that expensive jewellery had been stolen.

The police have released a video of the operation codenamed ‘tracker’. With the help of the force’s CCTV cameras, the investigating team tracked the suspects from the moment they arrived in the UAE till they reached the departure gate after committing the crime:

CCTV footages showed the suspects committing the theft with their faces hidden by masks. They also wore hats in a bid to hide their identity. The footages also showed the suspects use simple tools to break into the store display and steal the jewellery.

On searching the suspects’ hotel room, the police recovered a piece of paper that detailed the crime and modus operandi.


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