Zaki Nusseibeh acknowledges UAEU’s top volunteer students


AL AIN, (WAM) — Zaki Nusseibeh, Cultural Advisor to the UAE President and Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), has acknowledged 11 of UAEU’s top volunteer students at the university’s campus in Al Ain city.

This acknowledgment is aimed to encourage the students who volunteered in internal and external activities to keep on volunteering while promoting their sense of giving and belongingness.

Nusseibeh asserted that, “these noble human values which students are keen to compete over, are essential for every individual living in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates University always seeks to deepen the concepts of social responsibility and the sustainability of voluntary work. The role the youth played during the pandemic was evident, and their various voluntary contributions were truly influential in overcoming this crisis armed with more power and experience.”

“Today, we are celebrating our volunteering knights, who emphasised the sense of volunteering and dedicated their time and efforts to the UAE, wishing them continued success in their voluntary tasks to make their university and their country proud and to be role models for their colleagues,” he added.

Mariam Al Esaey, Head of the Volunteering Unit, stated, “UAEU’s voluntary platform encourages the student to compete to reach the longest volunteering hours by posting the top volunteers’ names next to the available volunteering opportunities. We have a distinguished volunteering foundation consisting of 5,509 male and female volunteers who were trained and prepared by the university to perform their charitable tasks both inside and outside the university campus. There are also several institutions we cooperate with to maintain the sustainability of voluntary work.”


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